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OVER 2000 Elementary School children in Sudbury participate in the Terrific Kids Program!! The Sudbury Area schools who participate in the Terrific Kids and/or PUGS programs are:
~ Terrific Kids is a student recognition program that promotes character development, self-esteem, and perseverance.
~ Students work with their classroom teacher and establish goals to improve behaviour, peer relationships, attendance, or schoolwork.

~ Students then work toward achieving the goal during a specific time period. The teachers and principal determine the best schedule for recognition. Some schools recognize Terrific Kids during each grading period; others recognize students more often.
~ At the end of the designated time period all students who achieved their goals are recognized as Terrific Kids. Recognition includes being pinned as a Terrific Kid; a pizza, ice cream, or other food-themed party; and presentation of certificates, and other giveaways.
Principals who may be interested in participating in either of these free programs should contact Kiwanian Davis Marcoux
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